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Captura is working on a website. Wooho! Here are the thoughts and daily lives of Lynn and Chuck, the people behind the camera. Enjoy!

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New Dog Owner

Until recently, I have never owned a dog. Always cats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Chuck, on the other hand, has grown up with countless numbers of dogs while living in Japan, Germany, and here right in the States. Chuck and I have been together, bound and entwined very happily, for 4 1/2 years. SO when we decided to move in together with our two best friends, Matt and Kristen, in a small, cozy apartment in Elkins Park PA, his mom thought it was high time that she reorganized and decorated the house. That means, of course, to get rid of some of the animals who were making most of the mess while running the house! Here we encountered Dolly, recently rescued with her sister, Pepper, from a puppy mill. They were given to the Ward family after rescued by an aunt because the aunt already had two Toy Poodles for herself. Chuck's mom thought Dolly would fit in our apartment perfectly. Dolly now lives at the apartment mots of the time while her sister lives with Chuck's parents. Some people call it cruel to separate the two sisters, but it is very unhealthy that Dolly solely depends of her sister for protection and has no personality of her own. And when both Chuck and I work, instead of leaving her at the apartment alone, we drop her off with her sister for the day. Since the beginning of the month, Dolly has been improving and starting to be her own dog.

But Dolly has some quirks, although she has been much better since the beginning of the month. She is very skittish, is afraid of quick movements, is less energetic when she is separated from her sister, is very anxious when she is left alone, lacks a bit of character and personality, and has some eating problems.

Right now, Dolly and her sister have gone with my boyfriend's parents to Pittsburgh, where Chuck's cousin Erin will be grooming them. I miss Dolly around the house already, especially since she followed me everywhere. Every time I hear jingling I think its her running after me. It is kinda bad timing for her to leave because even though she goes to see her sister when we are both at work, there will be times where she will be left alone. We have been training her to use the wee wee pad when its bad weather for walks or very early/late in the day. I hope she continues to be successful with the indoor potty training.


P.S. Here's some cute pictures of Dolly's beach trip last week to Ocean City, NJ.

New Captura Flyer!

Just made this up a minute ago! New flower, tropical, and spiritual photography available at

All Moved In!

The move has finally happened, and me and my three roommates are all settled in our cozy two bedroom apartment in Elkins Park, right next to the Elkins Park Train station. We live on the third floor above the old Elkins Park Pharmacy, right next to an antique store, Cafe, and conveinience store. The neighborhood is a warm, friendly place, and I cant wait to take my new toy poodle, Dolly, for long walks in the sunshine.

This means that yes, I will be re-opening my Etsy shop,, and selling tons of new photography and handmade scarves, hats, and knick knacks. The Reopening of my etsy shop is scheduled for Sunday. Why Sunday? Because today after a long day of work at the karate store and dojong, I am leaving with my boyfriend Chuck to venture out to Pittsburg, where new photographs will be taken, family will be met and re-met,the thrills of Kenneywood will be felt, and a terrified Lynn will go quadding in the mountains. We will return from Pittsburg on Thrusday night, and I will immeadiately start working on new photographs and pictures of some crocheted hats I have been working on.

So I'm the new mommy of a 5 year old Toy Poodle, Dolly. Dolly is a sweet, tiny thing, who loves to cuddle and nap on your lap. She follows you everywhere, and love squeeky balls. She is stay with her sister Jolene at Chuck's parents house until we completely settle in, then she moves in with us. Stay tuned for some pics of my sweet girl.

Namaste, Lynn

P.S. Please visit for all your decorative and practical martial arts needs. I have dedicated my Mondays, Tuedays, and Thrusdays to working the Master Drumm's store, The Martial Arts Store, in Bensalem, PA. I am currently building up their website. I work from 12-5, then teach classes 5-7 those days, so call or stop in if your in the area. I even made us a blog: Please follow us!

Friday Favourites

Hello everybody. It has been quite a long time since I posted, so let me tell you what is been going on in my life.

I recently switched my college from Tyler School of Art to Moore College of Art and Design. This week I payed all my bills, took out all necessary loans, and sent in my deposit! I'm offcailly attending the 2nd oldest art college of America, which also happens to be an all girls school right in the heart of Center City, next Franklin Institude and the Art Museum.

and....Tomorrow is Neshaminy High School's prom! I will be attending with my boyfriend Chuck and afterwards, driving down to Seaside, where we have a beach house rental. Look forward to lots of prom pictures, as well as new photography from the Barneget Lighthouse and Island State Park afterwards! p.s. My prom jewelry happens to be made by a very good friend Beth from the Philly Etsy Team. Check her out at

And finally, I found an apartment with my boyfriend and 2 best friends! I will be living in Elkins park right across from the train station! Move in date is July 1st, so stay tuned for lots of housewarming pics and interior design.

Come back on Monday for new and exciting links and photography


One Buddha Treasury

Thank you Sugar Rush Jewelry for featuring my "Chinese Temple" fine art print in her awesome treasury!

A Friend's Birthday= Lots of New Etsy Prints

For my friend's B-day today, We took the train to Philly and visited the Museum of Art. There, I found so much inspiration it has lead to THREE new items in my Etsy shop. Check them out.

Avalokiteshvara The Bodhisattva of Compassion- 8x10 Fine Art Print- One of the most popular devotional deities in Tibet, Avalokiteshvara--the Bodhisattva of Compassion--appears in many forms, but this eleven-headed, "thousand-armed" form (sometimes called Arya, meaning "honored") is perhaps the most beloved. The god's numerous appendages enable him to see and hear all supplicants' needs. The many hands (a third layer of hands originally fanned out at the back of the sculpture) indicate the countless ways in which Avalokiteshvara can assist devotees.-Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Chinese Temple- 8x10 Fine Art Print- Here stands one of the many Chinese Buddhism Deities in a Chinese Temple.

Rainbow Standing Buddha Notecards- Set of 3- 6 colorful Buddhas to light up your day. Inspired by a 2nd century Pakistani sculpture in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
4 X 5 inches with matching envelopes. Blank on the inside.

Please visit to purchase or email me at


New Eastern State prints in my shop

I finally put my Eastern State Penitentiary prints in my shop. Here they are!

Panorama of 3 spooky doors with hidden secrets of the past.

Spooky cell block.


So alot has been up lately and I am trying my hardest to deal with it all. When I am upset, I transform into super duper cleaning lady. My whole living space gets decorated and then redecorated and super cleaned. So, when I got all this cool handmade/old/new/vintage stuff from Traci Nelson's Philly Etsy V-day Swap, I just had to redecorate on Sunday and Monday nights! Here are some new pictures of my awesome living space.

1. Melissa (Sqrlbee)made these awesome hanging mushrooms. They look absolutely delicious with my new hanging vine plant on my computer desk!

2. Ruthie's (flying fox design)beautiful printed Ox cards on display with my awesome spider plant and hand incense burner.

3. My Thing a Day for Feb 10th! An awesome cacti terrarium I made from Traci's old jar and cacti she couldn't move to N. Carolina with her!

4. Ruthie's beautiful handmade vday plushie! I must think of an awesome name for him. He's so absolutely sweet and adorable.

And Of course a long shot!! This is my office space!

I have been crocheting some awesome terrariums for my new spring collection. Check back often!

Namaste, Lynn

Handmade in PA Giveaway!

Thank you Tara of Handmade in Pa for featuring my artwork this week and letting me sponsor a giveaway. Click here to comment and enter for a chance to win one of my Phillies LOVE Fine Art Prints!

And remember Valentine's day is approaching fast. Check out Handmade in Pa's Valentine's Day Gift Guide for fabulous treasures at unbeatable prices made in the state you know and love, that's right, Pennsylvania.

New Photography Challenge for the Month...and winners of the January Giveaway

New challenge to be posted tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

Thanks to all that left wonderful and inspiring comments on my blog, JPG Mag account, and etsy account!!

And the 4 winners of the January give-a-way are...(drum roll please...)

Punk Cupcake
Jackie W.
Erin G.
Claire M.

Winners! I will be mailing your prints out ASAP!

Namaste, Lynn
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