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Captura is working on a website. Wooho! Here are the thoughts and daily lives of Lynn and Chuck, the people behind the camera. Enjoy!

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All Moved In!

The move has finally happened, and me and my three roommates are all settled in our cozy two bedroom apartment in Elkins Park, right next to the Elkins Park Train station. We live on the third floor above the old Elkins Park Pharmacy, right next to an antique store, Cafe, and conveinience store. The neighborhood is a warm, friendly place, and I cant wait to take my new toy poodle, Dolly, for long walks in the sunshine.

This means that yes, I will be re-opening my Etsy shop,, and selling tons of new photography and handmade scarves, hats, and knick knacks. The Reopening of my etsy shop is scheduled for Sunday. Why Sunday? Because today after a long day of work at the karate store and dojong, I am leaving with my boyfriend Chuck to venture out to Pittsburg, where new photographs will be taken, family will be met and re-met,the thrills of Kenneywood will be felt, and a terrified Lynn will go quadding in the mountains. We will return from Pittsburg on Thrusday night, and I will immeadiately start working on new photographs and pictures of some crocheted hats I have been working on.

So I'm the new mommy of a 5 year old Toy Poodle, Dolly. Dolly is a sweet, tiny thing, who loves to cuddle and nap on your lap. She follows you everywhere, and love squeeky balls. She is stay with her sister Jolene at Chuck's parents house until we completely settle in, then she moves in with us. Stay tuned for some pics of my sweet girl.

Namaste, Lynn

P.S. Please visit for all your decorative and practical martial arts needs. I have dedicated my Mondays, Tuedays, and Thrusdays to working the Master Drumm's store, The Martial Arts Store, in Bensalem, PA. I am currently building up their website. I work from 12-5, then teach classes 5-7 those days, so call or stop in if your in the area. I even made us a blog: Please follow us!


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