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Friday Favourites

Hello everybody. It has been quite a long time since I posted, so let me tell you what is been going on in my life.

I recently switched my college from Tyler School of Art to Moore College of Art and Design. This week I payed all my bills, took out all necessary loans, and sent in my deposit! I'm offcailly attending the 2nd oldest art college of America, which also happens to be an all girls school right in the heart of Center City, next Franklin Institude and the Art Museum.

and....Tomorrow is Neshaminy High School's prom! I will be attending with my boyfriend Chuck and afterwards, driving down to Seaside, where we have a beach house rental. Look forward to lots of prom pictures, as well as new photography from the Barneget Lighthouse and Island State Park afterwards! p.s. My prom jewelry happens to be made by a very good friend Beth from the Philly Etsy Team. Check her out at

And finally, I found an apartment with my boyfriend and 2 best friends! I will be living in Elkins park right across from the train station! Move in date is July 1st, so stay tuned for lots of housewarming pics and interior design.

Come back on Monday for new and exciting links and photography



  1. .7717. said...

    hey we're going to be neighbors! i'll prob see you in the cafe right least once in a while. maybe they'll host a small team gathering.

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