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So alot has been up lately and I am trying my hardest to deal with it all. When I am upset, I transform into super duper cleaning lady. My whole living space gets decorated and then redecorated and super cleaned. So, when I got all this cool handmade/old/new/vintage stuff from Traci Nelson's Philly Etsy V-day Swap, I just had to redecorate on Sunday and Monday nights! Here are some new pictures of my awesome living space.

1. Melissa (Sqrlbee)made these awesome hanging mushrooms. They look absolutely delicious with my new hanging vine plant on my computer desk!

2. Ruthie's (flying fox design)beautiful printed Ox cards on display with my awesome spider plant and hand incense burner.

3. My Thing a Day for Feb 10th! An awesome cacti terrarium I made from Traci's old jar and cacti she couldn't move to N. Carolina with her!

4. Ruthie's beautiful handmade vday plushie! I must think of an awesome name for him. He's so absolutely sweet and adorable.

And Of course a long shot!! This is my office space!

I have been crocheting some awesome terrariums for my new spring collection. Check back often!

Namaste, Lynn


  1. rutherford said...

    love the pics Lynn, thanks for posting!

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