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New Dog Owner

Until recently, I have never owned a dog. Always cats, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Chuck, on the other hand, has grown up with countless numbers of dogs while living in Japan, Germany, and here right in the States. Chuck and I have been together, bound and entwined very happily, for 4 1/2 years. SO when we decided to move in together with our two best friends, Matt and Kristen, in a small, cozy apartment in Elkins Park PA, his mom thought it was high time that she reorganized and decorated the house. That means, of course, to get rid of some of the animals who were making most of the mess while running the house! Here we encountered Dolly, recently rescued with her sister, Pepper, from a puppy mill. They were given to the Ward family after rescued by an aunt because the aunt already had two Toy Poodles for herself. Chuck's mom thought Dolly would fit in our apartment perfectly. Dolly now lives at the apartment mots of the time while her sister lives with Chuck's parents. Some people call it cruel to separate the two sisters, but it is very unhealthy that Dolly solely depends of her sister for protection and has no personality of her own. And when both Chuck and I work, instead of leaving her at the apartment alone, we drop her off with her sister for the day. Since the beginning of the month, Dolly has been improving and starting to be her own dog.

But Dolly has some quirks, although she has been much better since the beginning of the month. She is very skittish, is afraid of quick movements, is less energetic when she is separated from her sister, is very anxious when she is left alone, lacks a bit of character and personality, and has some eating problems.

Right now, Dolly and her sister have gone with my boyfriend's parents to Pittsburgh, where Chuck's cousin Erin will be grooming them. I miss Dolly around the house already, especially since she followed me everywhere. Every time I hear jingling I think its her running after me. It is kinda bad timing for her to leave because even though she goes to see her sister when we are both at work, there will be times where she will be left alone. We have been training her to use the wee wee pad when its bad weather for walks or very early/late in the day. I hope she continues to be successful with the indoor potty training.


P.S. Here's some cute pictures of Dolly's beach trip last week to Ocean City, NJ.


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