You don't take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it"- Unknown

Captura is working on a website. Wooho! Here are the thoughts and daily lives of Lynn and Chuck, the people behind the camera. Enjoy!

If you are interested in buying our photography, there are many examples of our work here. Purchase simply by clicking the Paypal "Buy Now" button. Don't have a Paypal account and not interested? Contact us at or visit our Etsy at, where we have loads of new photography, designs, and apparel to choose from.

St. Valentine's Day Shoppe

For those of you how don't know, Lemondrops2 was my first Etsy shoppe, where I sold cute crocheted goodies. Visit to find fabulous pinks, greens, and whites for St. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter. Look cute on your date with someone special or wear your adorable acrilyc yarn scarves (with recycled baby clothes patterns) downtown to show your spirit.

Pictures to follow


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