You don't take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it"- Unknown

Captura is working on a website. Wooho! Here are the thoughts and daily lives of Lynn and Chuck, the people behind the camera. Enjoy!

If you are interested in buying our photography, there are many examples of our work here. Purchase simply by clicking the Paypal "Buy Now" button. Don't have a Paypal account and not interested? Contact us at or visit our Etsy at, where we have loads of new photography, designs, and apparel to choose from.

January Give-a-way!

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  1. Punk Cupcake said...

    Happy New Year!
    We LOVE the Cupcake Diptych!
    Retro cupcake yumminess!
    My daughter wants a cupcake theme to her playroom's kitchen area and this would be PERFECT! We both love the old mixer in the background--this print brings back good childhood memories and just makes you feel GOOD! So, there's our fave photo comment--crossing our fingers that we'll win this for Liv's playroom! Thanks so much!

  2. Punk Cupcake said...

    oh== forgot to leave my email!


  3. paulettea said...

    I found some of the photographs interesting and particulary liked the one of the sculpture with the flower. I liked the flow and the unusualness of the piece.

  4. tara - said...

    I love this one
    because my hubby and I love the Phillies! It would be so neat to have a piece of that day.

    Thanks for stopping by my site - writing you an email right now!

    tara AT handmadeinpa DOT net

  5. nicolecarey said...

    Awesome blog, you totally made yours better than mine. I am going to pick my favorite photo - robins eggs.. so pretty! I think i'm going to run a contest on my blog starting tomorrow. Are there any rules i'm supposed to follow?

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