You don't take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it"- Unknown

Captura is working on a website. Wooho! Here are the thoughts and daily lives of Lynn and Chuck, the people behind the camera. Enjoy!

If you are interested in buying our photography, there are many examples of our work here. Purchase simply by clicking the Paypal "Buy Now" button. Don't have a Paypal account and not interested? Contact us at or visit our Etsy at, where we have loads of new photography, designs, and apparel to choose from.

Visit our new etsy!

We would like to thank all of my fellow independent artists who followed our work and helped us progress. This site is a reflection of me and Chuck's work. Please feel free to RSS or subscribe to us! We have been very busy working on new pieces. They will be posted soon in my new etsy shop Not only will we have any size print of our work available there, we will have photo cards and persaonally printed or stamped notecards, poster prints, framed small or large prints, and some design (fiber design, jewelry design...).
Namaste, Lynn
And have a happy holiday!


  1. Laura said...

    Hi Lynn,
    I just found your blog. It is really cute. I love your photo of your boyfriend. I want vegan cupcakes! The photos you took are really great. Thanks also for linking my blog,
    Wish I could figure out how to link blogs from my tumblr account so I could put you on it.

    Keep it up!
    Yer Etsy friend,

  2. The Vineyard Painter said...

    Vegan cupcakes!! Oh those look good! I don't eat eggs so I could enjoy that recipe.

    (Hey, there's HeartofComassionmalas' comment above mine...I love her blog, hi Laura!)

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