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Native American Pow Wow

I attended the annual Native American Pow Wow at Core Creek Park today, partly because I wanted to see their artwork and buy some jewelry, and partly because my boyfriend of 3 and a half years had a great great grandfather who was the chief of the Ojibwa (Chippewa) tribe and I wanted to learn more about their cultures.

As I explored the various knick knacks, crafts, jewelry, and drawings (while trying to ignore the dead animals) I was truly inspired. I then watched the welcoming ceremony. The native's voices were phenomenal and the drums beating grounded me as I felt mother nature grip a hold of my heart. I have always been one with nature: basing my photography on its beauty, recycling, taking long walks in parks and beaches, and researching how I can help the environment. But now, I felt inspired to live in a teepee with them and eat wild berries and smudge herbs.

I purchased a herbal smudging (burning like incense) book and many different Indian pendants and a surprise for my boyfriend, who is currently living it up in Hawaii as I blog:)

I have decided to create Native American Inspired pendants and jewelry, as well as artwork, and will be selling it on Etsy.

I did not get any pictures because the natives were very sensitive about photography. Many professional photographers sold photographs of the natives in their beautiful attire without their permission, leaving them with mistrust.

I am one with nature



  1. The Vineyard Painter said...

    How wonderful! The first time I attended a Pow Wow the drumming brought tears to my eyes...It was like coming home to a place I had forgotten. My ancestors were Powhatan. Do you know of The Feather River Singers? You can listen to them at their website...they are my favorite!

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